Daryl Christensen is a naturalist, biologist, syndicated outdoor writer, and lifelong birder. He has been very active for many years in both organizing and taking part in efforts to protect species in trouble.

Daryl is a founder, board member, and Marquette County Coordinator of the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin. He has received an award from the Bureau of Endangered Resources (BER) of the DNR for his outstanding work with Forster's Tern restoration efforts, as well as for work involving other threatened and endangered bird species, including the BER Turkey Vulture Recovery Program.

Daryl was coordinator of a Florida Whooping Crane Reintroduction Project for the International Crane Foundation, and was also active in Sandhill Crane research in connection with his ICF work. He has been very active in the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas Project in Marquette, Waushara, and Green Lake Counties since it was initiated, and in the Wisconsin Ornithology's Weekly Checklist Project for several years. He organized the first ever Marquette County Christmas Bird Count in 1996 and following years to the present.